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Cataract Surgery

Moore, Experts in Cataracts & Cataract Surgery

Moore’s highly talented and experienced surgeons paired with the latest in diagnostic and surgical equipment offers the most advanced surgery and intraocular lens technology available. Teams of specialists work together in a multidisciplinary approach, assuring that all aspect of the eye are evaluated before surgery is considered.

The Moore Eye Institute is at the forefront of cataract surgery and intraocular lens technology. The experienced team combined with advanced equipment optimizes surgical outcomes. The Moore Eye Institute offers the most recent testing equipment and software, including the IOL Master, offering precise calculations for advanced lenses; as well as the Oculus Penticam, which is the only equipment available that can measure the density of a cataract. The advanced testing options enable surgeons to choose the best surgical settings, ultimately decreasing surgical time and recovery. Moore Eye is also equipped with the newest Surgical Microscopes, assisting surgeons by offering the best views during surgery despite even the densest cataract. Moore also offers the latest in Phaco Technology with the Alcon INFINITI, allowing surgeons to offer customized cataract surgery. Cumulatively, these advantages result in better surgical outcomes when compared to traditional cataract surgery.

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