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  Robert Olmsted, Maine, USA • Treated for diabetic retinopathy
“My daughter is an optometrist and she insists that Dr. Ginsburg is who she wants me to see. I travel all the way from Maine to see him. I like him. He’s a driven man, with the noblest of ideals. Unlike other doctors, he’s also very open to medical ideas outside the mainstream. He has a strong sense of caring, and he knows the disease. He’s a sworn enemy of the disease. He’s the ideal doctor that you could want. He’s totally obsessed with controlling, beating, and destroying diabetes. I think he’s a gift.”

Father Steven Marinucci, St. Clement Catholic Church, Philadelphia
“Moore Eye Institute is unique in presenting extensive educational programs and recognizing that illnesses related to the eye affect the whole person. In addition to my vision-saving laser surgery, I gained knowledge, inspiration, and a holistic approach to my illness. Diabetes requires that you participate in your care. He motivated me and gave me the knowledge to take care of myself. People with diabetes have fears. Dr. Ginsburg has a way of calming those fears, and as a man of faith, he offers a unique sensitivity.”


  The Honorable Rick Santorum, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania
“Both from an aspect of treating patients and servicing their needs and your commitment to care for everyone, … [the Moore Eye Foundation] puts patients first and cares about them before anything else.”