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Macular Degeneration

Moore Eye, Experts in Pediatric care

The Pediatric Center at Moore Eye offers outstanding pediatric eye care services in a warm, caring environment. The center is directed by Dr. Cynthia Alley, who has served as the Director of Pediatric Ophthalmology at Temple University Hospital and as the director of the Temple Ophthalmology residency program. She now offers her extraordinary services to patients in the Philadelphia area. Whether a child needs a checkup or is being evaluated for eye disease, Dr. Alley is dedicated to making her patients and their families feel comfortable with a diagnosis and treatment options.

The pediatric group a Moore Eye is supported by other physicians on staff whose work has had major impacts on children throughout the US. These include Dr. Ken Heist, who for 18 years has organized free sports clinics and community health programs; and Dr. Len Ginsburg and the Moore Eye Foundation, who were instrumental in supporting the creation of the American Association for Caring Teens, a group that encourages teenagers to take action in their community. Their slogan is AACT Today for a Better Tomorrow – and we agree. www.aacteens.org

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Children are precious, and Moore’s pediatric experts understand this. Moore gives high quality care and parents feel safe trusting the team with their child’s medical eye care.

Dr. Alley examining a two year old