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About Moore Eye

The Moore Eye Institute - A Vision of Caring.

Moore doctors are specialists and national experts in their fields. They have been trained at top medical centers and are well-versed specialists practicing cutting-edge technology. They also travel the globe to help those less fortunate, illustrating that the top priority is always patient care. Moore physicians take the time to explain a diagnosis, discuss a patient's options, explain a treatment plan, and commit to follow-up care. Although internationally recognized for expertise in ophthalmologic care, the Moore Eye Institute offers a philosophy and approach of neighborhood practitioners.

Although pioneering technology and utilizing the most-advanced treatment methods, this platform does not result in the depersonalization of patients. Moore doctors focus on every patient individually. Moore's uniqueness is in a multidisciplinary approach with numerous sub-specialist eye surgeons sharing charts, sharing ideas, and working with primary care physicians as well as optometrists in a hospital setting. The practice's mission incorporates resilience and acceptance while working with patients to manage challenges and maximize vision, every step of the way at every visit.

If you or a family member is due for an eye exam, call 610-690-4900 today or click here to schedule an appointment.