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It is no coincidence that the Moore Eye Institute has become an internationally leading facility. Dedication to education and community service, as well as the pioneering “whole-person” approach, has allowed Moore to forge partnerships throughout the sphere of universal medicine.

Education. Physicians from around the world come to Moore and its Foundation to learn. For over twenty years, Philadelphia’s top schools have sent residents and externs to learn from Moore doctors. Moore’s dedication to patient education has lead to the most extensive programming of its kind. The Moore Eye Institute also promotes continuing medical education programs and continuing education programs in our community for family physicians, ophthalmologists, optometrists and specialists in Diabetes. Learn more about education.

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Community service. As true leaders in the field, the Moore Eye Institute believes that giving back is critical. Moore’s community outreach efforts include free eye disease screening programs for at-risk children, welfare programs, homeless shelters, churches, and hospitals. Whether it is a community where critical care is exclusive, or one that is victimized by a tragedy – the Moore staff dedicates itself to its fullest potential. Click here to learn about our recent community action and involvement.

The comprehensive whole-person approach. In so many disease states like diabetes and glaucoma, patients and their families need to be involved in a treatment plan. Moore doctors recognize that one treatment approach does not work for every individual. At times, the patients’ background, family situation, insurance needs, finances, and even culture and faith, all interplay. The Moore Eye Institute supports the entire person, whether it be through the visual rehabilitation center, educational techniques, support groups or innovative educational programs. Learn more


“Difference among communities, cultures, races and religions must be respected and understood. Doctors must pay closer attention to the special needs of different groups.” “I commend the doctors of Moore Eye Institute for their innovative approach to the care of their patients. I commend them for going beyond what we usually expect of doctors.

Remarks by the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,
Robert N.D. Nix, at a Moore Eye Institute education community eye screening.

Moore - forging partnerships with the universe of medicine.There are eight different fellowships and sub-specialists in ophthalmology because no one specialist in eyes can truly offer the finest technology and treatment in a variety of diseases. Politics and competition result in alienation between doctors and patients are those that fall victim. The Moore Eye Institute is second to none in bridging gaps, creating relationships, and utilizing a team approach to eye care.

As the field of medicine advances, the ability for all different specialties to work together to care for a patient, not as a particular disease or small organ system, but as an entire person, is becoming more and more critical. Unfortunately, the pattern is for specialists to group together and isolate themselves. Because of this, de-personalization of patients occurs, and doctors begin see people as a particular disease state. It is a rare patient though, who is the victim of only one disease.

The Moore Eye Institute works closely with optometrists and general physicians in the community, utilizing their renowned visual rehabilitation center. The Moore Eye doctors also help to coordinate plans for patients, but also take it one step further. At Moore Eye, virtually all locations are conveniently located within hospitals and affiliate with the best health systems in the Delaware Valley. 
Moore Eye feels that eye care should not be separated from healthcare, and offices are located within the hospitals promoting flexibility to perform procedures on patients with any health condition. This decision to affiliate with major hospitals makes it easy to treat a wide range of patients.

Moore has forged relationships with many health systems including Crozer-Keystone Health System and Community Health System, the largest private hospital system in America. In addition, Abington Memorial, Mercy Fitzgerald, Brandywine, and Springfield are all hospitals belonging to the Moore Family. Access to these facilities as well as a variety of specialists has proven to be a great asset to patients. The Moore Eye Institute offers something unique – a true vision of caring where bridges are built for the sake of the patient, instead of competition.