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Our Doctors

The founding of Moore epitomizes the team approach between hospitals, ophthalmologists, optometrists (OD), osteopaths (DO) and allopaths (MD).  Pictured above:

Leonard H. Ginsburg, M.D., C.D.E. with his daughter, Belle, the namesake of Belle Moore who was blind, a past Vice-Chair of the Ophthalmology Section Council of the American Medical Association.

Carlo DiMarco, D.O., M.Sc. F.O.C.O.O., National President of the American Osteopathic Association (2009)

Tom Lewis, O.D., President, Philadelphia College of Optometry (new Salus University)

Jack McMeekin, former CEO of Crozer-Keystone Health System

Moore Eye has the finest subspecialty eye physicians and surgeons. As such, we are honored that primary care eye doctors, optometrists and general ophthalmologists recognize our expertise by including their valued patients in the Moore Eye family.

Anywhere on our site where you see the affiliate doctor symbol above in the months to come, you will find information on being an affiliate of Moore Eye, and a password protected area that is specific for you and your patient referrals.

Our referral doctors are within the community - close to their patients who they have known for years along with all aspects of their care. It is our honor to be chosen by these doctors to work and care for the needs of their patients. Moore has helped pioneer the whole-person, multi-specialty, team-approach to eye care as it relates to other illness such as diabetes. We spend our time working with optometrists, general ophthalmologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists, family physicians, allied health professionals and diabetes educators among others. Since we are one of the few practices in the Delaware Valley to have offices within many hospitals, we have been able to forge close ties with a growing list of physicians and professionals.

It is true that every patient’s care needs to be individualized. Family, religion, socioeconomic issues and faith all interplay in the dynamics of the best care of patients. Primary care eye doctors and family physicians benefit in working together with the tertiary care and the many sub-specialists at Moore. It is our sincere pleasure to co-manage each patient with their referring or primary doctors to provide the absolute best care. In addition, at Moore, we do not sell glasses or contact lenses of any kind. There are primary eye care doctors, optometrists and general ophthalmologists that do so much and so well, that for us to perform those services is not something we are involved with.

Please search our database for affiliated eye doctors if you want these services.