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About Moore Eye

Excellent Specialists & Leading Edge Technology Right in Your Community

The Moore Eye Institute provides convenient access to the most advanced equipment and the finest eye specialists for patients in Philadelphia's suburbs. The Moore Eye Institute pioneers a systemic, personal, team approach to eye disease while utilizing leading edge technology. Patients are cared for and treated as whole human beings. Moore doctors respect and consider all aspects of a patient's life: family, culture, religion and systemic disease states. Among the greatest fears in America is blindness. Through education and prevention, the Moore Eye Institute reduces patients' fears and the risk of losing vision by inspiring them to take positive, proactive steps towards overcoming obstacles associated with their individual situation.

As medicine makes great strides, advancing technology allows for a heightened level of eye care. Super-specialization and progressive technology often threaten human touch in the delivery of medicine, but this is not so at Moore. The Moore Eye Institute partners with eye care providers and hospitals to deliver access to ultra-sophisticated equipment for patients' benefit, all while providing personal care and emphasizing prevention as the best treatment. The Moore Eye Institute has had multiple surgical firsts, including the first to perform indirect laser for retinal tears; one of the first to use the Biome wide field lens in Vitrectomy surgery; one of the first to use perflurocarbon; and the first to own the PDT laser upon its approval by the FDA. In addition, Moore was one of the first three in America to treat polypoidal choroidal neovascular membranes through digital ICG guidance and introduced the procedure internationally. However, while treatment is our priority, prevention is our goal.

The Moore Eye Institute medical team prides itself on its use of cutting edge technology; specializing in all eye diseases; encouraging patient education; conducting a comprehensive series of lectures, screenings, and workshops; and offering symposia and educational courses for other health care professionals.

Moore Eye Institute

Nicole Johnson, Miss America 1999 and Moore Eye Foundation Board member, shares her crown with our patient coordinator, Marilyn Moore Ginsburg, during National Diabetes Awareness Month at a Moore Eye Institute educational program.